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Friends, the commentary is on the move. As of today, my personal blog can now be found over here. Join me there for the zen of fuhgeddaboudit, coming to you live from the diaspora. And maybe, someday, a house tour….

The Friday 13.


Happy 450th birthday (maybe), William Shakespeare! I love you as much today as I did when my mother bestowed on me her copy of your complete works when I was heading off to college…and I hope I get to see some of the Globe to Globe tour (although truth be told, I wish it featured the Scottish play).

In honor of the Bard, there’s a lot of actual reading (and listening) in this week’s links. I hope this encourages you to spend some time relaxing this weekend. Whatever you’re doing, enjoy!

Green Eileen!

Reaching “outside the paradigms of expectation.” (Via Elizabeth)

Everyone’s favorite flower turns 50!

I don’t care what anybody says; I think she’s brave.

We can all learn something from John and Sherry’s decision.

North Korea’s fashion police.

This is the most beautiful recycling project I’ve come across in a long time. (via Apartment Therapy)

Should we not care about owning a home?

Everyday phrases, courtesy of the Bard.

Yet another great house in Montreal.

This just boggles the mind.

A fascinating TED radio hour.

And finally…how the President came to endorse marriage equality.

Happy Friday!

Image via La De Da Books.

The Friday 13.


It’s that time of year again…yes, Easter and Passover are colliding in my kitchen! This weekend’s festive menus look a little schizoid…hummus, harissa-marinated lamb chops, grilled asparagus, lebne, grilled pita. You get the idea. Happy whatever you happen to be celebrating, even if it’s just life. And if you need a little light (or heavy) reading, say no more:

Finally, an intuitive teaching tool for learning Chinese.

I know someone out there wants to buy me this London flat

…or this California house.

Homemade digestive biscuits!

Looking for our planetary twin.

I’m having a very hard time resisting these.

The origins of the White House Seder.

Look what they found at the Sherry-Netherland! (Via Girls of a Certain Age)

This dress is insanely great.

More on my favorite color.

Best (and truest) headline of the year.

This looks utterly delicious.


And finally, in honor of one of the two holidays that’s captured my attention this week, a bonus link: The second annual posting of my favorite Passover song of all time.

Happy Friday!

Image via Dezeen.

The Friday 13.


First things first: Happy anniversary to my best friend and my partner in crime. I’d marry you all over again, danger or no.

Spring has sprung with a vengeance! I can see bare patches of ground in the back forty where none existed for months. The day lilies are starting to think about coming up for real, and this week we walked around for a whole day without coats. Yes, this is what passes for excitement around here (hey, it’s better than a shootout!). What are you doing this weekend? I’m fixing grout, recaulking, painting walls, and (I hope) making a new desk for the office. I’m always happiest with a tool of some sort in my hand and a job to do, so bring it on! Meanwhile, here’s your weekend reading/drooling. Enjoy.

Ebinger’s lives! (At least in some kitchens.)

Have you visited the Story Globe?

This house.

Helping inmates cope with the last mile.

Calculating the real cost of your labor.

Create good habits! (via SwissMiss)

This feta and lemon dip looks yummy.

Beautiful and useful!

The continuing brilliance of Tom Dixon.

Crowdsourcing intelligence.

Amanda Cohen on why the food world shouldn’t take itself so seriously. (via Elizabeth)

We heard this in action and it’s incredible.

And finally…the trick of life.

Happy Friday!

Photograph of Bonnie and Clyde found in their Joplin, MO hideout. Via New York Post (of course).

UPDATE! Bonus link: The rise and fall of Detroit. Beautiful and sad.

The Friday 13.

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 12.17.09 PM

Don’t we all wish that were real?

In this week’s non-Foolish news: We’ve closed in on paint colors for the kitchen cabinets (prompting the idea that someday there might be a post on this blog other than a Friday 13); I avoided a potential medical disaster; and oh, yes, it’s finally spring! I plan to paint a whole bunch of walls this weekend. Or just relax with some bad TV. Here’s your weekend fun…enjoy.

Goodbye, Wendy. (Via Elizabeth)

An absolutely inspirational kitchen redo.

Rap video of the week…

…and, in the same vein, menu of the week.

Was it a UFO?

Finally…a duvet cover that makes sense!

Want want want want WANT.

I think the real tragedy here is that they got Annie Leibovitz involved.

Geek fix of the week: NASA goes open source.

IKEA goes on the road.

File this under “amazing things I would never own but love to look at.”

Want a real Mies?

And finally…

Listen to this.

Happy Friday!

Image courtesy of Title Nine, which knows what women really want. (Via Elizabeth, again)

The Friday (er, Saturday) 13.


It’s spring! Not that you’d know it (we’ve had about four inches of snow since the equinox), but still. Soon all of Vermont will be green and lush, and we will frolic in the open fields as fawns newly born. (I can’t believe I wrote that, either.)

Sorry your weekend links are late…I suffered four days without my Mac this week. Four days. It seemed like an eternity. But, thanks to the good people of Small Dog Electronics (woof!), I now have a spiffy new hard drive and a working machine. Yay. And so, without further ado…

How close are you to toxic waste?

Captive mentors!

So much inspiration in this Melbourne house

…in this Brooklyn duplex

and in this Montreal kitchen.

(Some of) the truth about aging.

Recipe of the week.

Boy, can I use this.

I don’t normally enter contests, but this is worth it! (via Elizabeth)

The continuing agony of the agunot.

Want, want, want.

On vignetting (yes, it’s a word!).

And finally…a Rockettes show, delayed due to ‘artistic problems.’

Happy Saturday!

Photo by Dick Conrad, used under Creative Commons License.

The Friday 13.


I had every intention of posting earlier this week. Really, I did. I saw a lot of nifty things on the interwebs, and I was all set to share some of them with you. But then all kinds of things intervened (mostly work, but exciting work!). I did make a little digest of my web meanderings for you (see below). Meanwhile, Winter Storm Vulcan?!? Four days after daylight savings kicks in?!? Really?!? More like, Winter Storm Satan. Next week’s equinox cannot come too quickly for me.

My incessant talk of weather (and its attendant middle-school punctuation) has gotten to the point where it’s boring even me. Enough! Let’s get to things we actually want to think about. Here’s your weekend reading…curl up and enjoy.

Join the Quiet Revolution!

Someone’s making Eichler homes again!!!!! (via Design Milk)

Bacon. In a cookie. Need I say more?

Where do you fit within the collaborative economy?

Love to read? These chairs are for you! (via Jessica)

Recreating Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Environmental challenges? No problem. Move the town.

Our dog is going wild for sweet potato treats…here’s how to make your own. (By the way, if you don’t read Sweet Paul yet, you should.)

Chart your own adventure.

One woman’s relationship with not shopping.

Made this last night. Yum.

Time management, by one who should understand.

And finally…what’s really in your bag? (The responses are hysterical.)

Happy Friday!

Image via Freelancers Union, which you should support.

The Friday 13.


International Women’s Day is tomorrow, and Catapult has created a campaign to remind us all that it’s ‘more than just a cover story.’ It’s shocking and trenchant and we all need to get involved. Please join me in doing so.

In more frivolous news: The spouse’s birthday is Sunday (happy birthday, honey!). We are dining here. Excitement!

In even more frivolous (well, somewhat) news: Some links for your weekend. Enjoy.


Everything you need to know about my favorite food.

Grab this beautiful bag before it sells out!

100% true.

Clinical evidence: Your dog can read you like a book.

Do you need some spring? These glasses might fit the bill.

Meet Lammily!

Bread tables! (Via @ottolenghi)

Run, don’t walk…the DWR semi-annual sale is on. (Currently coveting: These.)

Do this. Please. (via Elizabeth)

Still considering this (especially now that it’s on sale!).

Beautiful, sad work.

And finally…be a man!

Happy Friday!

Image via Catapult.

The Friday 13.

nasa main_erupting-sun

The sun will never set* on my love for BBC’s Woman’s Hour and its brilliant presenters, Jane Garvey and Jenni Murray. This week saw an expose by Jenni of this month’s London Fashion Week that included the following observation on today’s crop of models, which I felt was so dead on I had to share it:

[T]he models were so scantily dressed and so underfed and so clompy – even when wearing six inch, lethally dangerous stiletto heels. I always thought models were supposed to be elegant and walk beautifully. Not so. I just wanted to take them home, warm them up, cook them dinner and tell them to smile!

The incomparable Dame Jenni, in action. In other news: I got a great deal of work done this week one way and another, prompting me to advance the theory that paying attention to your Twitter and Pinterest feeds actually improves productivity. If I’m wrong, please, please don’t tell me. At any rate, I feel I have acquitted myself sufficiently in the work arena that I have earned some rest and some loafing. How about you? Oh, you’d like some reading to go with your loafing? All right then…here you go!

Oh, great.

Oops. (via Freakonomics)

Why the adorable Neil Patrick Harris is a New Yorker now.

Wanna make a lot of money? Be a servant.

Awesome idea.

Amazing photographs of the club that changed America (and they’re showing in my home town!).

Good design fixes EVERYTHING.

Pun (and great graphic) of the week.

Put that Makerbot to good use!

How to crowdfund effectively.

Trying to decide whether this is a gimmick or a game-changer.

I need this, right?

And finally…why Diane Keaton was responsible for so much of my wasted productive time this week.

Happy Friday!

*Awkward! I know! Live with it. Image via NASA, which should have way more funding.